The new landscape of betting on the high street

Thursday 13 September 2018 | Soho Hotel, London


The UK government’s triennial review has finally delivered its verdict of a £2 maximum stake on B2 gaming machines, finally bringing to an end the debate regarding fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) in UK betting shops.

The new landscape of betting on the high street will become apparent in a short period of time and the effect of the change in maximum stakes is likely to be profound.

The aim of this afternoon event in September is to provide a forum for key participants and stakeholders within the market to take stock ahead of the introduction of the new rules. The sessions will be to explore how the bookmakers can reposition themselves operationally and at a strategic level to ensure the industry has a secure future on the UK high street. 

In a series of keynotes and panels in front of an invited audience, the Future of UK Bookmakers event will seek opinions from a range of stakeholders and representative bodies from the ABB to the BHA, the Greyhounds bodies, media and product suppliers, lobbyists and analysts.

The venue

The event will take place at the Soho Hotel in London on 13 September. It will run from 2pm to 5.30pm with drinks afterwards.

Audience and participants

The audience will consist of 100 selected invitees from across the operators, suppliers and stakeholders. Those so far confirmed as taking part in the event include:

Lindsay Wright, director of strategy and sustainability at William Hill

Nick Rust, chief executive at the British Horseracing Authority

Gavin Kelleher, analyst at Goodbody

Ian Hogg, chairman at Shopworks

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